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Stefani Sikora


Stefani has been teaching private voice lessons in the Los Angeles and South Bay area since 2005.  She possesses a strong desire to share her musical knowledge with others, and she enjoys teaching a wide range of musical styles. Stefani tailors her lessons to fit each individual's needs, and she strives to help each of her students gain confidence and reach their own personal goals.


Lesson Details

I am a very upbeat person, and I create a positive environment in which my students feel comfortable to open up and stretch themselves to reach their full potential.  I will help you find and release your true voice.  I believe that hard work and discipline will help you to achieve your goals, but I also recognize the importance of having fun and celebrating the art of creating music!


Singing:  I focus on breathing, intonation, and control, which provide the foundation for great singing technique.  I teach a wide range of music genres, including Musical Theatre, Classical, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Soul, Rock, and Country.  I emphasize feeling the emotion of each song and translating that emotion through the voice.  I encourage my students to study both classical and contemporary music.

*I also teach Performance and Recording technique, as well as Songwriting.  


Speaking Voice:  I utilize the Linklater technique to free, develop and strengthen the voice.  A large part of this process centers around freeing the body from unnecessary (and often unrecognized) tension, in order to liberate the natural voice.  I also focus on breathing and articulation. These lessons are highly recommended for actors and public speakers.

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