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Playing the piano from age 5, and a vocalist from 14, Stefani has been surrounded by her love of music her entire life. With a degree in musical theater, an early album of jazz classic covers, her move to Los Angeles from Oklahoma brought the kind of opportunities she wanted. She fronted several bands, playing all the Los Angeles venues you can name from the Viper Room, the Mint, House of Blues (RIP), and dozens of others. Meanwhile, as a vocal coach she has helped shape the vocal progression of many voice students who thrive on her engaged and unique take on vocal

performance. As a songwriter it has been a journey, leaning on hundreds of cover songs over the years, helping hone her own song construction talent. She took 23 of her favorite demos into the studio and came away with 11 unique and beautiful tracks. Upon hearing the demos,

some extraordinary artists agreed to play on the record with her and here we are. Years of performance has helped shape a fully versed and exciting stage presence and performer.

Sikora's debut album THE SHINE is ‘old school’ in its construction; quality musicians, playing together, real

instruments, and unique song writing – which gives her music a rich, classic yet fresh vibe, in a loop-heavy, overproduced landscape. It's refreshing to hear a little ‘story telling’ in great music.

A variety of alternative songs themed from heartbreak, female empowerment, FU X-boyfriend, an ode to Etta James in a seductive heartfelt R&B track, to just riding high on life.

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